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For motorists, the traffic protection is a sensible insurance, says Stiftung Warentest. After all, it can be expensive when it comes to disputes around the vehicle and these land in court. But is traffic

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Normally, motorists are fully protected with a car insurance. But protection is not always enough. If it is not clear who is the cause and the victim of an accident , the cases usually end up in court. Exactly at this point an early agreed traffic rights protection becomes meaningful protection. Because the cost of a process can explode quickly. Then affected people quickly get to know their financial limits. In the worst case, the litigation can even lead to financial ruin if consumers lose a very expensive process and have to pay their own and their opponent’s costs. Irrespective of the costs, it is also much easier to sue or defend oneself with the safe time of reimbursement.

Traffic Legal Protection: Useful for every driver

Even with smaller matters the traffic legal protection makes sense. Motorists who, for example, with the help of a lawyer object to a fine for excessive speed, will be reimbursed by the insurance lawyer’s fee. Already with a legal dispute, the annual contribution for the protection of traffic rights can pay off. For one hour at the lawyer usually costs more than the insurance for one year. From rip-off can therefore no speech, on the contrary. Motorists drive safer with traffic rights protection.

Service: With our legal protection insurance comparison calculator you will quickly find good and cheap rates. You can select the traffic rights protection separately or in connection with private, or work or housing protection.

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Traffic protection insurance assumes legal and court costs

Meaningful is the traffic rights protection then, if consumers in litigation because of accidents, purchase and repair contracts and in driving license loss . Like any legal expenses insurance, traffic protection covers the costs of the attorney, the court, witness fees and, if necessary, the costs of the opponent in the event of a negative outcome.

Motorists are not taking any financial risks with this insurance cover if they enforce their rights in court. If they win the case, the court costs have to be taken over by the opponent. If they lose, the traffic rights protection jumps in. In addition, there is usually no waiting period for the commercial property insurance, so that the benefits are immediately due to the insured. However, motorists should be careful to take out the insurance before a lawsuit starts. For already swelling disputes, the insurer does not come up.

Traffic law protection: useful supplement to car insurance

All vehicles of the policyholder are covered by a traffic protection insurance. It makes sense, however, to consider whether the insurance cover is extended to family members. Depending on the desired services, the group of persons to be insured and the price, different rates are suitable for optimum protection.

A total of 14 fares were rated as good in the most recent analysis of legal protection insurances of the financial test, including offers from Allrecht / Deurag, Rechtsschutz Union, Advorcard and HDI / Roland.

Stiftung Warentest conducted a comparison in September 2015 specifically for traffic rights protection. The conclusion is good. In addition to tariffs of the Auxilia and Deurag offers of Allrecht / Deurag and Advocard recommend.

Legal Protection: Financial and legal support in all matters

In general, various areas can be secured with a legal expenses insurance. While traffic rights protection is seen as a useful supplement for motorists to car insurance, consumers can protect themselves with a labor law protection against legal disputes that are related to the profession. For tenants and landlords under certain circumstances, a tenancy protection is recommended. Everywhere applies: The insurer takes over in court disputes the costs of court and lawyer.