How to get money without loans?

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Getting money without loans is not the easiest thing in the world. Money is something very precious and very difficult to obtain, in most of the times. If you want to get money and do not want to do it through credits. We are going to give you some real ideas , without the need to become a slave or a victim of scams.Find all the things you do not use.

You must put your house or your room upside down and look for everything you do not use. From clothes, old consoles, video games, appliances, broken computers, used shoes, furniture that you do not need, objects of decoration etc … Once you have everything, make a recount of what you could do with all that, its price in the market of second hand and go to a pawnshop or second-hand sale applications.

Recycle scrap or repair broken things.

Then we teach you how to earn some money with junk and with the things that people throw away.

What scrap has a price in the market?

From scrap in the fields, garbage, washing machines thrown by people etc … Even things you would not think would give money, such as the iron of the wine bottle stoppers, drink cans … With each kilo of cans you can give between 50 cents and one euro. Abandoned bicycles, construction debris, abandoned car tires, may also have their price in the market, since they have aluminum. Lead can also be found for a high price and is in some decoration figures, in batteries, pipes …

Fix furniture and appliances.

Many people throw furniture in the trash, even furniture that has a high value, as it is becoming very fashionable, decorating houses with antique furniture and antique objects. Repairing or improving furniture that people throw away can be a good way to make money without borrowing.

How to ask for extra money from the company where I work?

This is something that some workers do not know or that with so many nerves, impulses, many are forgotten. Salary advances are a very similar way to applying for a loan, but these have no interest. Besides that in Spain, requesting them is a right. In this way many workers get money, without having to ask for a loan .

Get money with new types of work.

Thanks to companies like Amazon or Uber, you can earn money with new ways that you never imagined before. With Amazon Flex or with Deliveroo, you can earn money by taking packages to houses of people who have bought things online. It does not matter if you go by bike, car or motorcycle. The important thing is that the package reaches its destination.

In Spain, the most known and used free carrier platform is Deliveroo. In big cities you can see many people with bicycles and motorcycles, who work for this type of companies. Best of all, you have your schedule and you want according to the productivity you have, without bosses and without anyone to send you.

Dress up to advertise a company or hand out brochures.

They are fast ways to get money and you do not have to look for work, from unemployment offices or similar. Many brands and companies, look for people who want to get money in a timely manner, distributing ads, discounts or in costumes, in areas where many people spend.